Chair Caning, Reupholstery and Repair

For some, a broken chair means a trip out to buy a whole new set. When you like the chairs you have, why would you want to replace them? I have years of experience in repairing chairs - recaning the seats and backs, replacing broken legs and even repairing and reupholstering the chair seats. Before you purchase a whole new set, I'd love to take a look at the broken chair...

Chair Repair and Restoration

Chair Caning - Recaning of French Provincial Chair Backs

Chair Caning - Recaning of Colonial Chair Seat

Chair Caning - Recaning of Seat on Wicker Rocker

Chair Repair - Fixed Back on Queen Anne Chair

Chair  Reupholstery

Chair Repair - Before and After

Chair Caning - French Caning, Rush, Spanish Rope Design, Specialty Caning Projects