Furniture Repair and Restoration

Over the last 60 years, I've learned that there's a great joy in taking something old, broken and worn, and to bring it back to life again. What was once in your attic covered in dust can now be displayed proudly in your home for all to see and use. Below are just a few samples of some of my furniture repair and restoration projects over the years. 

Table - Rebuilt, Refinished and Restored Gold Leafing

Table - Rebuilt, Refinished and Restored

Piecrust Table - Full Repair and Restoration Project Including Hand Carving of Missing Pieces

Living Room Table - Restoration With Custom Marbleized Finish

Old Thompson Cabinet Company Printers Box - Repaired, Refinished and Glassed For Display Cabinet

Nanny Bench - Restoration

Antique Wooden Rocking Horse - Repaired Head, Tail and Touched Up Paint

Vintage Roulette Wheel, Wodden Giraffe Statue, Gumball Machine and Slot Machine - No Challenge Is Too Difficult!