Statue Repair and Restoration


It doesn't matter whether your statue needs to just be repainted, or if it's in pieces and needs to be repaired and restored, I've seen it all over the years. It can be made of resin, plaster, marble, concrete, wood,  or stone. It could be six inches tall or six feet tall. All statues  that I work on are carefully repaired and restored in my shop. They will be returned as if it was the original, and in many cases, the repair helps them to be stronger than before!

Roman Gladiator Statue - Rebuild and Restoration

Porcelain Statue - Rebuild and Restoration

Bronze and Ceramic Sculptures - Reassembly and Restoration

Metal Horse and Jockey Statue - Repainted and Refabricated Tail

Young Boy Statue - Repair and Restoration

Statue Repair and Restoration